What we do

Ideas and their execution has been our concentration for more than 7 years, officially as a company. But our background in the industry spans almost two decades. Digital executions, mobile development, social media campaigns, integrated solutions, and developing innovative software is our specialty. And, fortunately, our work has turned out really well on more than a few occasions.

We combine skills in concept and strategy, graphic design, web, technical know-how, and project management all under one roof. For our clients that means : brand development, logos, websites, e-commerce solutions, SEO help, etc. The best part is our communications channels are all in the same room. That makes things happen a lot quicker and more efficiently. And who does that benefit? The customer.

Of course it’s about much more than just plain efficiency and getting the job done. The quality of work has to stand the test of time even if the medium itself is short-lived. That essential difference can be felt, and for us that’s exactly what it’s all about. We look for unique approaches, regardless of budget and project size.

Who we are

Our name stands for differing from others of its kind or class. We are everywhere there are new things to discover. Having software that works great for your business is no longer optional in 2018. The Web has exploded due to mobile and increased WIFI access areas. For this reason, products we create look good everywhere. We never outsource projects for cheap labor, and because we are a small team, you’ll get to know each of us.




HTML5 & CSS Implementation

Logo & Web Design

Mobile Apps

Web Campaigns

Software Development

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